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Addiction affects more than just the addict.

My research and participation in the field of addiction recovery, over the last decade, has allowed me to sort through the fact and fiction surrounding its practices and institutions. For more information regarding my background, treatment centers, recovery, replacement therapy, and altered states of consciousness, check out my Blog page.

I have a keenly sensitive heart for the loved ones of addicts.  During my years of active use I exasperated the minds and strained the hearts of my wonderful loving family, and my friends. My sobriety was the greatest gift I could have ever given them. In turn, I stand with those of you whose hearts are still heavy with the gripping despair that comes from having a child, a sister, a brother, a parent, or a dear friend whose life is being torn apart by addiction.  Below I have listed resources that many find supportive and effective:

Additional Support

The 21st century is seeing a renaissance of scientific research into the beneficial applications of psychedelic compounds and their related experiences.  These investigations show special promise for specific conditions like end-of life issues, depression,  PTSD, as well as addictions.  Research is also being conducted that looks at the ways broader areas like personal growth, spirituality, and creativity can be enhanced.  

Psychedelic Science
  • Bill Richards - Johns Hopkins Professor and author of "Sacred Knowledge"

  • Rachel Harris - Psychologist and author of "Listening to Ayahuasca"

  • Gabor Mate Outreach physician and author of "Realm of the Hungry Ghosts"

  • Bruce Sanguin - Pastor and author of "Dismantled" 

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