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Escape The Darkness of Addiction

Discover the Joy of Sober life




I am a gratefully recovering addict and a joyfully transforming human being. I have been in long term recovery from addiction and alcoholism since 2009.  My personal experience and study inform me that addiction is a complex disorder of body, mind, spirit, and human relations. In the pursuit of pleasure; in the efforts to relieve pain; and in the quest to find life's meaning,  the elements of nature, nurture, and choice become tragically misaligned. Suffering, sadness, and often death, can be the results. 


Today my life finds deep meaning in helping others find their way out of the darkness of addiction and into discovering the joy of living. My approach is eclectic and holistic with a special emphasis in 12 Step recovery and the intentional application and integration of various transformative states of consciousness.  I would love to lend a hand and share these tools with those who are seeking a new path.

It is my experience that addiction affects more than just the addict. If you are the family member of a loved one suffering from addiction, there are many additional resources available to start the process of recovery. I can help you on this journey.

If drugs and alcohol are stealing your joy and wrecking your life but you are unable to stop or moderate your use,  let's have a conversation. Give me a call or use the Contact form below to get in touch. 


How I Can

Help You

Recovery is a process, not an event. And while this process is relatively simple it is by no means easy.  I know exactly how it feels to be addicted, depressed, and desperate.  Establishing a human connection will form the ground that can generate the courage and motivation that the tasks at hand require.  So let’s talk.  I do share aspects of myself and I find this to be immensely helpful to people as they engage the hard work of personal change and growth.  It inspires the honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness so vital to progress.  “If he can do it, maybe I can too”


My main message to people with whom I work is that they can get better, no matter what has happened to them, no matter what they have done, and no matter how they became a slave to addiction.  They will come to know that they are able to give and receive love, and that they are worthy of a joyful, vibrant, and useful existence.

I specialize in:

  • Recovery from drug addiction

  • Recovery from alcohol addiction

  • 12 Step recovery

  • Integration of transformative states of consciousness

  • Motivational Enhancement Interviewing

  • Individual coaching

  • Transpersonal approaches

  • Guidance for loved ones of those struggling with addiction

  • Decisions regarding In-patient or Out-patient services

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Post Treatment Center Guidance

One on one coaching

    1h    $175

Free Consultation

My coaching begins with a consultation.  During this initial interview I will make an assessment through a careful hearing of the client’s past experiences together with their future aspirations.  Where did we come from and where do we want to go?  From the answers to questions like these we can create a map.  I go on to explain my approach and then together we can outline a personally tailored plan of action.  We schedule regular meetings where assignments and exercises are given, and then we evaluate the results. Like any good coach, I am assertive but also affirming.  

a few words...

“After years of living life under the dark cloud of alcoholism, God has blessed me beyond measure.   Todd,  life is good!"     ~Tyler C.


“ Where I was once hopeless, isolated, and lost, I am now truly found on the path of faith, hope, love, forgiveness, and service.”     ~Jon F.


“Todd has been my recovery guide for over 3 years and the program he has put together contains all the components that contributed to saving my life, and which continues to further restore me to a sound state of body and mind.”     ~Parker W.

“I found Todd’s work to be good and beneficial, as if my soul were being washed and cleansed.”     ~Michael T.

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